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Pirates' Cove

It’s another dismal day in Scotland,
and at Andy Stewart’s Pub
in a port town near Edinburgh,
it’s business as usual.

The owner’s fetching daughter Mairi,
tending bar for her father, is bored.

She's bored with life
and she's unimpressed with
the advances of John Paul Jones,
an up-and-coming sea captain
who wants to marry her.

Jones cuts a handsome enough figure,
but like most men, he's clueless when it
comes to what a woman really wants.

Suddenly all that changes,
and the dreary pub comes to life
when the swashbuckling pirate,
William Lewis, barges in and dazzles
Mairi with stories of high adventure.

Swords clash and passions turn to violence
as the blackguard abducts Mairi.

Months later, at Lewis’ hideaway
Pirates' Cove,
Jones stages a daring rescue attack,
and amidst flashing swords,
struggle and screams,
Mairi is forced to choose between
Jones and Lewis ...

Who will it be?

Join in the melodrama on September 30,
and help Mairi choose!