Thomas Tarbell

Spouse 1: Mary ?, b. 1620, d. 29 Apr 1674 Children:
  1.  Thomas Tarbell, d. 27 Apr 1678 in Charlestown, MA
  2.  Mary Tarbell, d. 26 Apr 1676
  3.  Sarah Tarbell, b. 1648, d. 1715 in Salem, MA
  4.  Abigail Tarbell
  5.  John Tarbell, b. 1654 in Watertown, MA, d. 25 Mar 1715
  6.  Elizabeth Tarbell, b. 5 Jan 1656, d. 25 Jul 1684
  7.  William Tarbell, b. 26 Feb 1658
  8.  Martha Tarbell

Spouse 2: Susanna LawrenceNotes:
Thomas settled in Watertown as early as 1647, at which time he is mentioned in town records as owni ng land.
Settlement of his estate is contained in two papers in the Middlesex County court files bearing dat es of March and May 1680.

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